What We’re Up Against: Getting to Work

1:1, millions of times a day

This is not a piece on philosophy or enforcement or legal framework, it is simply a review of data. For the 2016 American Community Survey, the US Census…

* Estimated there were 150,377,159 workers 16 years and older.

* Estimated 76.3% of that hundred and fifty million get to work by driving alone in a motor vehicle. That means 114 million, 737 thousand people get into a motor vehicle by themselves every day they go to work.

* Estimated 0.6% of that number get to work by bicycle. That works out to nine hundred thousand people riding their bikes to work each day.

This means for every bike commuter, there are 127 solo drivers. That works out to a 99.3% – 0.7% split.

Remember that, the next time someone grouses at you about bikers weaving around traffic or some other such two-wheeled tyranny BS.

About Ben Folsom

Ben Folsom is a founding member of the Bike Commuter Cabal, a worldwide group of transport cyclists dedicated to protecting the rights of all road users and to encouraging people everywhere to ride more. Ben and his bikes live with his family in Alexandria, Virginia.