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Hi everybody! I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, but I am extremely excited to welcome you all to the Bike Commuter Cabal Blog. I’m sure you’re all wondering what that’s all about, so I thought I’d spend a few minutes talking about who we are, and why we’d like you to join us.

The Bike Commuter Cabal started as an informal group and a Community on Google+ comprised of individuals from all over the world who choose to commute by bicycle. The goal is to support and foster bicycling as a sustainable and positive mode of transportation for everyone, everywhere. Somewhere, in its formative stages, members adopted the ‘zombie raccoon’ as their official mascot.

As this blog grows and expands, we hope to bring you profiles of people just like you who’ve made the decision to ride their bike to get where they’re going, stories about what it’s like to ride in different cities and towns around the world, gear reviews, maintenance tips, and who knows what else. And most importantly, I hope to bring your stories to everyone else here. I’ll spend some time each week collecting and collating and curating the things that I see all of you doing to link from here, and I hope you’ll take a few moments to send things my way when you think that the rest of us might be interested in reading them. I also hope that you’ll consider telling all of us why you decided to ride and what it’s like to ride in your hometown, to write a gear review, to provide us with maintenance tips, or even to write long form articles describing something you love about cycling.

In the meantime, we encourage you to connect with the Cabal on Google+Facebook, or Twitter and to ride your bike!

Thanks for joining us!
Tom Ligman, cyclist, cabalist, editor
editor [at] bikecommutercabal.com

About Tom Ligman

While I'm nearly always up to go for a beer, a bike ride, or a snack, I'm not nearly as inclined to go for a doctor's visit, anything to do with ice and snow, or a beating. I like to do my own wrenching on bikes and computers and to a lesser extent cars, and I'm prone to taking broken parts from each of them to hang on the walls as art. Tom and his teenaged son call Cleveland home for now, but spend most of every winter wondering why.


  1. Thanks for taking on this editorial post! Hazard pay should be included.