The Winter struggle is real.

I started riding my bike to work in 2004. For reasons that don’t really matter here, I found myself carless in Northern Virginia and needing to get to work. Metro was a drag, so I started riding from Reston to Falls Church each day. It took some … [Read more...]

Winter Bike Maintenance – Drivetrain Tips

In this post I thought I would write about winter maintenance. Winter maintenance is a little different especially if you live in the northern part of the world. We winter cyclists have to deal with road salt, ice, snow, and for some of us sub zero … [Read more...]

Convert Your MTB to a Road Ready Commuter

Thinking of buying a commuter bike? Have a mountain bike in the garage but don't think its suitable for cycling to work? Then think again, because with just a few easy modifications any old mountain bike can be resurrected as a lighter faster … [Read more...]

Capital Commuter Ricky Albores

Richard ‘Ricky’ Albores has had bike commuting in his veins since an early age. “I started as a bike commuter in first grade going to school in Vientiane Laos. Then I started again as a college graduate in Chicago (summer of 1988) working as a pool … [Read more...]

Spring is here – time to hang out!

Looking for a great way to promote bike commuting in your area? We've got the answer: HIRL baby! Why not organize a Bike Commuter Cabal Hangout in Real Life?  Find a bike-friendly pizza joint or coffee shop and have a regular hangout for bike … [Read more...]

Rural Bike Commuting: It’s Not The City

Okay, I'll admit it... every time I hear stories about bike commuters in the city, it fills me with pangs of jealousy, and some days I'll even descend into a mild (non-medical-grade) depression about the non-attainability of city commuting in the … [Read more...]