A Taxing Bill

Taking away what you probably didn't already have Many employers offer a transit subsidy, in which an organization offers a pre-tax benefit to employees in exchange for the employee getting to work a certain way, typically by way of some sort of … [Read more...]

Cycling as a Way of Life – Being Car Free

I don't own a car. Never have. At first it was because I didn't need one. Then, I could not afford one. Then, I just got used to not having one. Will I never own a car? Doubtful. Is it a priority? No. In highschool and college motorised transit … [Read more...]

Why I Bike Commute: Jeff Hendricks

The Journey Begins: Have you ever been at a point where you know you need to change, but you just don't know where to start? Four years ago, I was at that point. This would have been around 2010. I had recently moved back to my home town, … [Read more...]