Cyclists Behaving Badly

On rational decision-making

This is a really good five-minute video and hits on a couple of themes of mine:

Cyclists ‘misbehaving’ is actually a rational response to environments that are not built to accommodate them. I would further say even before we can talk how environments are built in the US, we have to talk cultural acceptance.

Strict liability. When a heavier vehicle collides with lighter vehicle, the pilot of the heavier vehicle is assumed to be at fault, and further the law recognizes that ‘misbehavior’ by the pilot of the lighter vehicle cannot legally be considered ‘unexpected’ or ‘unanticipated.’ Because the law there say, Yes, cyclists are going to run red lights and dash across driveways. As a condition of getting your license, we are telling you this so you can never claim you could not know.

Three-foot laws and the like are the footings of strict liability in the US, but it will still take decades at the current pace to put any great onus on motor vehicle drivers to look out for other road users.

It’s a good watch.

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Ben Folsom is a founding member of the Bike Commuter Cabal, a worldwide group of transport cyclists dedicated to protecting the rights of all road users and to encouraging people everywhere to ride more. Ben and his bikes live with his family in Alexandria, Virginia.