The Second Bikeshare Invasion

As I was Just Riding Along last week, I noticed colorful new bikes on the streets of Washington, DC, they had names I did not recognize: LimeBike, MoBike and Spin. They were for the most part just sitting on corners and sidewalks, like art or some … [Read more...]

What We’re Up Against: Getting to Work

1:1, millions of times a day This is not a piece on philosophy or enforcement or legal framework, it is simply a review of data. For the 2016 American Community Survey, the US Census... * Estimated there were 150,377,159 workers 16 years and … [Read more...]

Road Users Are All Alike

On holiday without time or access to give this a proper pithy writeup, so posting it for my own future reference. Shorter university study: 1. All road users break the law. 2. Cyclists do so for reasons to do with their own safety, while … [Read more...]

The Good Kind of Problems to Have

Machines will not kill you out of neglect IEEE Spectrum, the magazine of IEEE, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the self-professed "world's largest professional organization devoted to engineering and applied sciences," has a … [Read more...]

Treating the Symptoms

Wanted: Public champions Legally speaking, the framework for cycling has never been better. Nearly everywhere, with extensive exceptions granted, cyclists have the same rights to and responsibilities of the road as motor vehicle drivers. The speed … [Read more...]

The Bike Commuter Cabal in a New World

The Zombie Raccoon abides It is now seven months since UK's Brexit vote to leave the EU, and three days since the US inaugurated a new president, other nations are on the verge of following a rightward course. Regardless of your personal political … [Read more...]

Same Behavior, Disparate Treatment

All road users not created equal I love that a big paper like the LA Times is tackling big road-use issues, especially in a city like Los Angeles, the car capital of the world, where it is still technically illegal for kids to play in the street … [Read more...]

Bicycles and Parking

All parking is not created equal This was originally part of the latest ride report for Raccoon Riders Youth Cycling Club, but this side tale of bike parking problems in Alexandria overtook the original post and I did not want to take away from … [Read more...]

Subsidizing Absurdity

The Atlantic on point Pretty close to a mic-drop moment, and would split the arrow in the bullseye if there was more detail on the ways and means by which the motor vehicle is subsidized by society, to vastly greater degrees than any other modes … [Read more...]

Be careful, that cyclist you just disrespected may turn out to be a real person

Inside your car is still in the real world The car breeds a culture of anonymity; users are physically separated, usually cannot see each and there are very few opportunities to make eye contact between drivers. You cannot hear one another and … [Read more...]

False Equivalence, Scale and Scope Edition

Getting wrong on purpose When you look at a kiddie pool and then look at the ocean and say, "The kiddie pool and the ocean are both full of water, therefore they are the same," you are guilty of committing the logical fallacy known as false … [Read more...]

Cyclists Behaving Badly On rational decision-making This is a really good five-minute video and hits on a couple of themes of mine: Cyclists 'misbehaving' is actually a rational response to environments that are not built to accommodate … [Read more...]

Normative Behavior

Road rage didn't used to be normal The era of road rage in the Washington, DC area. and really the nation, even though Los Angeles and New York also had high-profile road rage cases near the same time, began in April 1996 when two yayhoos got into … [Read more...]


It's not me, it's you Psychological projection is when humans defend their own wrong or unjust actions or thoughts by attributing those actions or thoughts to others, typically those that are most affected by the wrongs, or who would most be … [Read more...]

The Scourge of False Equivalence

Not your choice Two things are falsely equivalent when some common aspect(s) link them, yet in reality the two things are actually nothing alike. The most egregious false equivalencies, in my opinion, are those of magnitude. One little thing (a … [Read more...]