Spring is here – time to hang out!

Looking for a great way to promote bike commuting in your area? We've got the answer: HIRL baby! Why not organize a Bike Commuter Cabal Hangout in Real Life?  Find a bike-friendly pizza joint or coffee shop and have a regular hangout for bike … [Read more...]

Tokyo, Japan: Omnipresent Cycling in the Big City

Cyclists thrive in Tokyo, bicycle commuters not so much ... Tokyo, one of the biggest cities in the world, the overpopulated home to over 13 million people and capital of the largest car producing nation on the planet, doesn't sound the least bit … [Read more...]

Rural Bike Commuting: It’s Not The City

Okay, I'll admit it... every time I hear stories about bike commuters in the city, it fills me with pangs of jealousy, and some days I'll even descend into a mild (non-medical-grade) depression about the non-attainability of city commuting in the … [Read more...]