Wet Weather Gloves

Through the years of commuting - and just riding in general, I’ve found that one simple thing can make or break a ride when it comes to comfort: my hands. Always been a weak point for me. If my hands are cold or uncomfortable, I’m miserable. As one … [Read more...]

6 Free Fitness Tracking Apps Reviewed

We can't escape it, we're in the digital age. Companies are all about Data, and we as consumers have followed along. With the rise of GPS-enabled devices in phones and bike computers, almost anyone can now track their cycling and running statistics, … [Read more...]

Cateye Commuter CC-COM10W Review

If you're like me, and you like to ride your bike to places, then you probably have some sort of device on your bike that lets you track miles, speed, time, and so forth. A lot of these bike computers are focused on tracking data for training rides- … [Read more...]

B&M Dynamo Lights and Sturmey Archer Dynamo Hub

It's been about 3 months since I've installed the B&M Lumotec Classic Senso Plus, B&M Toplight Plus lights and the Sturmey Archer Dynamo 3.0 front hub 70mm drum brake in my commuter vintage bike and I figured it's time for a review. I love … [Read more...]