Blog Submission Guidelines

We welcome and encourage submissions of stories, articles, gear reviews, advocacy rants, poems – anything pertaining to or inspired by commuting by bike/using bikes as utility transportation.

  1. All submissions should be sent to bikecommutercabal [at] gmail [dot] com and accompanied with at least the following info:
    • Name of author
    • Contact info/links for the Author (Google+, Facebook, twitter, instagram,, personal blog, etc)
    • photo of the author with or without your bike(s)
  2. Please feel free to include links to sources, other sites, people, or companies/organizations mentioned in your post. However, we retain the right to choose which links are included in the post at time of publication.
  3. All related photographs should be uploaded somewhere in full quality, or attached to your email so that the editorial staff can use them at whatever resolution best suits the article. Photographs will be used/included at staff discretion.
  4. Articles should be a reasonable length (minimum 300 words), please don’t send us your novel as a single article, split it up into a recurring column instead. (AKA the Ben Folsom clause) If you have an idea for a recurring column you’d like to run by us, we’d love to hear about it.
  5. Please submit all articles in English. You may submit them in as many additional languages as you’d like, but one of those languages must be English and the publishing in another language will be delayed until we can find someone to proofread the article in the other languages.
  6. This is a family friendly Cabal, and a family friendly blog. Your editor swears like a sailor who dropped an anchor on his foot, but he’ll be keeping that out of his writing and you should too. If we get a huge outcry for an adults only section for R Rated tales of bike commuting debauchery, well we’ll probably find someone else to run a site…
  7. Your editorial staff will do their best to publish articles in their original form, but reserves the right to actually edit. Any edit more than fixing spelling or punctuation will be sent back to the author for re-approval.
  8. Your editorial staff has limited time and energy, so there will likely be little fact checking or checking for plagiarism etc. It is up to you to ensure that you completely cite any sources, that you have permission to publish, and that you own the rights to use any photos that you include. If you have permission to use someone else’s photos, please make sure to include credit information.
  9. Submissions are at your own risk. We’ll give you a byline and a link back, but at this time the blog is not paying for submissions and that doesn’t seem like it will ever be a part of our model. Our goal is to foster a community of bike commuters, to spread the good word about riding bikes, and to participate in cycling advocacy to improve facilities and laws for all of us.

All submissions, questions, thought, ideas or questions not answered here should be sent to : bikecommutercabal [at] gmail [dot] com