The Scourge of False Equivalence

Not your choice Two things are falsely equivalent when some common aspect(s) link them, yet in reality the two things are actually nothing alike. The most egregious false equivalencies, in my opinion, are those of magnitude. One little thing (a … [Read more...]

Self-Awareness Factor: Zero Like the snake that eats itself >> Driver films himself on dashcam venting about traffic (he has a series of these, including one where he is frustrated at getting passed while doing 80 mph) >> Sees a … [Read more...]

Taking the Show on the Road

It's that simple A big part of the Bike Commuter Cabal philosophy is finding ways to help people engage the bike, whether to take it up for the first time (maybe in a long time), or remove barriers to riding. One way we do this is by demystifying … [Read more...]