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The Winter struggle is real.

I started riding my bike to work in 2004. For reasons that don’t really matter here, I found myself carless in Northern Virginia and needing to get to work. Metro was a drag, so I started riding from Reston to Falls Church each day. It took some … [Read more...]

Wet Weather Gloves

Through the years of commuting - and just riding in general, I’ve found that one simple thing can make or break a ride when it comes to comfort: my hands. Always been a weak point for me. If my hands are cold or uncomfortable, I’m miserable. As one … [Read more...]

It Starts With A Ride

You have 72 new notifications and 16 reminders. We all have way too much stuff to do. Way too much. And we have way too much to manage all this stuff. Devices. Apps. LifeHacks. Blog posts containing lists of the best stuff with which to manage our … [Read more...]

Win Bike Racks for Your Office or Business

We all like to talk about how we bike to work - or we wouldn't be here. Well now, Reliance Foundry wants to give you something for it. In conjunction with Bike to Work Week 2014, they will be giving away $5,000 worth of bike product "to the … [Read more...]

Capital Commuter Ricky Albores

Richard ‘Ricky’ Albores has had bike commuting in his veins since an early age. “I started as a bike commuter in first grade going to school in Vientiane Laos. Then I started again as a college graduate in Chicago (summer of 1988) working as a pool … [Read more...]

Earth Day 2014 – Why do you ride?

Tomorrow is Earth Day (or maybe it already is where you are) and that got me thinking about why I ride. Why I ride a bike at all and why I commute. When I started riding, there was no Earth Day. There was just days. Long and short. As a kid I would … [Read more...]

Spring is here – time to hang out!

Looking for a great way to promote bike commuting in your area? We've got the answer: HIRL baby! Why not organize a Bike Commuter Cabal Hangout in Real Life?  Find a bike-friendly pizza joint or coffee shop and have a regular hangout for bike … [Read more...]

Adventure Commuter Toni Lund

Nestled in southern Finland is the town of Paimio, population 10,479. One of the people nestled there is bike commuter and adventure/ultra-endurance cyclist Toni Lund. From 2002-2007 he made the commute to his job by bike on-and-off as his schedule … [Read more...]

2014 BCC Jersey Design Competition Now Open

First off, should you choose to, thanks for choosing to submit a design to our competition. It’s great that we have such an active membership and the fact that the jerseys are designed by individuals make them even more coveted. You are awesome. Our … [Read more...]