About Us

The Bike Commuter Cabal

bcc_sidebar_logoWe are a community comprised of individuals from all over the world who choose to commute by bicycle. To work. To school. To the store. To the pub. Just for getting around. The goal is to support and foster bicycling as a sustainable and positive mode of transportation for everyone, everywhere. Somewhere, in its formative stages, members adopted the ‘zombie raccoon’ (roadkill come back to life) as their official mascot. We encourage you to connect with the us on Google+Facebook, or Twitter and to ride your bike! Also follow along and connect via hashtag #bikecommutercabal

Cabal Aid

cabal_aid_logoSince 2010, the Bike Commuter Cabal has dedicated itself to education, moral support, community, and the sharing of opinions among bicycle commuters around the world.

Since its inception as a group of avid bike commuters on Google+, the Cabal has worked hard to support its members and do good in the world at large.

Cabal Aid represents an effort to formalize those efforts; a way to bring members of the Cabal together to work on projects designed to improve the world at large. We also work to support and publicize the fundraising and do-gooding efforts of individual Cabalists through the power of the World Wide Web.

The Zombie Raccoons Bicycle Club

zoracZombie Raccoons Bicycle Club is a lifestyle club. It is the vision of the Founding Members to bring together a group of like-minded individuals committed to

  • Riding bicycles for general transportation, as well as recreationally, competitively, for adventure or any other reason;
  • Advocating for the rights of all road users;
  • Raising awareness of the bicycle as a valid and practical means of transport;
  • Encouraging the adoption of cycling as a means of transport and/or recreation by others;
  • Engaging in community service to help others take up the bike;
  • Supporting worthy causes through fundraisers and volunteer efforts;
  • Representing the transport cycling community.

The Club welcomes all riders and will not discriminate against any race, gender, nationality, religion or ethnicity, nor against any style of riding, attire or type of bicycle.

Members need not ride every day, nor ride exclusively to work or for transport, nor be without a car.  Members simply must own a bike and be committed to transport cycling as a lifestyle and to developing and maintaining close relationships with their fellow Members.