2014 BCC Jersey Design Competition Now Open

design compFirst off, should you choose to, thanks for choosing to submit a design to our competition. It’s great that we have such an active membership and the fact that the jerseys are designed by individuals make them even more coveted. You are awesome. Our last jersey competition went very well, we hope this one is even better. Here are the basic guidelines for submission. The overall goal/timetable will be to have jerseys delivering to people in April/May of 2014.

Here is a link to download materials to help you with your design, including a copy of the submission guidelines, BCC logos, and the jersey design template: BCC Jersey Competition Package [4.6mb .zip]

We will collect all the submitted designs and present them to the public for a voting process. The top 3 vote getters will move forward into production and be offered for sale in the store, along with the previous three winners. In the event of any kind of tie, there will be some sort of vote-off, cage match or virtual thumb-wrestling to determine the winner. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Ok, here we go in no specific order.

  1. One (1) jersey design submission per person.

  2. To be included in the voting process, design submissions must be submitted via email to bikecommutercabal@gmail.com NO LATER THAN MIDNIGHT ATLANTIC TIME ON JANUARY 31, 2014. Submitted files can be .jpg, .eps, or .pdf format. If you are submitting vector files (.eps/.pdf) please convert your fonts to outlines or we’ll have to write you back and ask you to re-do the files, and possibly admonish you as well, depending on how long we’ve been without sleep or decent coffee.

  3. The design and how you incorporate the Bike Commuter Cabal logo or text is up to you. Obviously we’d like the BCC to have a substantial presence in your design, but again, it’s up to you. The voting of your peers will be the final determinant of whether or not you chose wisely. There are no categories for designs. In the past we’ve had people comment they’d like to see racier designs, more low key designs, more commuter specific designs etc. All the designs will be presented together in a bunch. Want to make a political statement with yours? Go for it. Want a more feminine vibe for the ladies? Dig it. Submit it and then get peeps on your side to vote for it.

  4. We know you’re not all designers, nor does everyone have the same design software to work with. Additionally we know that you may not be familiar with pre-production processes required to submit the designs to the vendor. Do your best to come up with a good representation of what you’d like your design to look like. It doesn’t hurt to bribe your designer friend with cases of beer in return for free design work. Just remember the quality of the beer may impact on the level of zeal with which they engage your project. When the time comes, if you’re a winner, we have a designer on staff that will help finalize your design and files for the vendor.

  5. The jersey vendor used in the past – and we are using again – is Champion Systems. Should you want more info on their jerseys and/or samples of what other folks have done, their website is here: www.champ-sys.com. The jerseys we offer are available in Race or Club cut and Mens, Womens and yes, even Kids’ sizes. Your one design/template will work for all of these. Don’t be distracted by the fact that they also offer to custom print every other conceivable accessory under the sun – this is a jersey only competition. We know everyone wants BCC caps, socks, shoe covers, tights, and beer koozies. Patience, Grasshopper. It will come.

  6. Feel free to share your design online during the process to get feedback or work in total secrecy, it’s up to you. Be aware though, that any likes, +1’s or virtual ‘ your design is awesomes’ you receive prior to voting will in no way count in the final competition. Once all the designs are in, we will prepare albums for both Google+ and Facebook and the Likes and +1’s received via those albums only will be used to determine the final winners. You are free to – and encouraged to – promote your design however you wish when voting begins. I hear blimp advertising is very cheap these days.

  7. The design template includes a long-sleeve option. You can choose to explore that option or not. Your call. Long sleeves are fun too. Y U NO LOVE LONG SLEEVE JERSEYS?

  8. Other than the esteem of the Cabal, minor, fleeting online celebrity, and the badass feeling that comes with knowing something you designed is being worn by people riding bikes literally all over the earth, we can offer you no recompense for your participation in, or winning of, this competition. We simply don’t have the means at this time. Yes, you’ll even have to buy your own winning jersey just like everyone else. We also reserve the right to offer your jersey again at a later date – but hey, that just makes you a celebrity again, if only for a short time. And then there’s the subsequent come down, the disappearance into obscurity, the questioning and self-doubt. The struggling to regain validation…..er, um. What was I saying? Thems the breaks. Did I say that it’s an awesome feeling though?

That should about cover it. If you have other questions we didn’t answer here direct them to bikecommutercabal@gmail.com. Good luck, we look forward to seeing what you come up with.

-The Cabal Admins


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