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The Winter struggle is real.

I started riding my bike to work in 2004. For reasons that don’t really matter here, I found myself carless in Northern Virginia and needing to get to work. Metro was a drag, so I started riding from Reston to Falls Church each day. It took some getting used to. All the noob stuff one deals with. Schedule adjustments, gear, weather, logistics. But in a short time I got it … [Read More...]

Insert Inspirational Title Here

I went skydiving once. It was the most exhilarating/terrifying feeling I think I've ever experienced. You see, I'm what's called an adrenaline junkie. I admit it... … [Read More...]

Wet Weather Gloves

Through the years of commuting - and just riding in general, I’ve found that one simple thing can make or break a ride when it comes to comfort: my hands. Always … [Read More...]

Wrench Wednesday: Commuting & Your Wheels, Part 2

Behold PART DEUX of Eric Hansen's Commuting Wheels series. If you missed the first installment, you can check it out here. - Ed A very common opener for customers looking to buy a bike is that they “don’t want to race”, but are just looking for a bike to … [Read More...]

Bicycle Beliefs

Wind & turbulence are not your friends. In the end they want to undo you, subdue you, make the ride a push of stream against bottom, holding the bottom down, the sound of push & pull, chains that guard your humanity; you are more to me than any simple … [Read More...]

Cycling as a Way of Life – Being Car Free

I don't own a car. Never have. At first it was because I didn't need one. Then, I could not afford one. Then, I just got used to not having one. Will I never own a car? Doubtful. Is it a priority? No. In highschool and college motorised transit seemed like … [Read More...]