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A Taxing Bill

Taking away what you probably didn't already have Many employers offer a transit subsidy, in which an organization offers a pre-tax benefit to employees in exchange for the employee getting to work a certain way, typically by way of some sort of public transit or shared ride. The benefit gives the employee an incentive for taking the subway, commuter rail, carpool, etc., … [Read More...]

The Second Bikeshare Invasion

As I was Just Riding Along last week, I noticed colorful new bikes on the streets of Washington, DC, they had names I did not recognize: LimeBike, MoBike and Spin. … [Read More...]

What We’re Up Against: Getting to Work

1:1, millions of times a day This is not a piece on philosophy or enforcement or legal framework, it is simply a review of data. For the 2016 American Community … [Read More...]

Road Users Are All Alike

On holiday without time or access to give this a proper pithy writeup, so posting it for my own future reference. Shorter university study: 1. All road users break the law. 2. Cyclists do so for reasons to do with their own safety, while drivers do it to … [Read More...]

The Good Kind of Problems to Have

Machines will not kill you out of neglect IEEE Spectrum, the magazine of IEEE, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the self-professed "world's largest professional organization devoted to engineering and applied sciences," has a real … [Read More...]

Treating the Symptoms

Wanted: Public champions Legally speaking, the framework for cycling has never been better. Nearly everywhere, with extensive exceptions granted, cyclists have the same rights to and responsibilities of the road as motor vehicle drivers. The speed at which … [Read More...]